Courting the Clearwaters, Christian teen fiction

Christian teen fiction Christian teen fiction

Courting the Clearwaters

Burned in a house fire a few days before losing his father, Shawn Carpenter spent most of his teen years working, caring for his family, and paying penance.  When an acquaintance introduces him to Jesus and invites him to a college youth group, the changes in his life are immense and unsettling.  The most unsettling part is Jenny Clearwater, his boss's daughter.  He can't deny an attraction, but she courts instead of dating, and it seems courtship is all about keeping the Shawn Carpenters of the world away from the Jenny Clearwaters.


God sets events in motion that summer, from a cave trip gone wrong to a job loss to a friendship train wreck, events that will teach Shawn how to live in a community again and change him for the better, assuming, of course, they don't kill him first.

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