To save his family, he became a monster...

Sheila moved to the river delta as a little girl, and her best friends in the swampy, peaceful river world were three triplets. They taught her to catch crabs and spit seeds and avoid alligators. She loved them. Then she grew up and realized she only loved one of them, one who thought he didn't measure up, one who feared he was a monster. Join Sheila as she moves from friendship to romance trying to reach the amazing boy who has no idea how special he is to his family and friends. Book one of the new series Triplets on the River, a sequel to the Trilogy on the River series.


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I'm Jill Penrod, author of over forty books, all told from a Christian point of view. I write in several genres including romance, coming of age, books for teens, and fantasies. Since you're here, feel free to browse, and make sure you sign up for my newsletter--and the three free ebooks that come with it--before you go.  Blessings!

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Book Series

Boys of Summer

Eleven books, eleven guys discovering what it means to enter adulthood. Romance, danger, adventure, friendship, and a God who guides them every step of the way. Novels for teens and the young at heart.

A series following one boy's journey to adulthood and then his children's journeys after him, where an old man, a garden, and the struggles of growing up lead to a love story that touches generations. 

Terry's Garden
The Tales of Balia

Balia is a world not unlike our own. In these tales, men and women are drawn into adventure, danger, and mystery as TrueGod, their deity, works behind the scenes to call them to himself for healing, romance, and life. Readable in any order, grab a tale of Balia and enter a new world today.

Take a trip to St. Ninian's Sanctuary, a Christian retreat center on an island at the bottom of the world. Adventure, drama, romance, and a whole lot of mystery await both guests and staff alike as God uses the island to heal and restore those He loves. Contemporary Christian romance with a mysterious island twist.

St. Ninian's Sanctuary

Set in the Boys of Summer universe, follow nine young ladies as they taste adulthood. Romance, drama, and heartache await as God leads them to become the women of faith He wants them to be. For teens and the young at heart.

Girls Aglow Series
Trilogy on the River

Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid Alligators. Life on the river is slow, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Follow three sets of young adults who deal with survival on a dangerous yet beautiful river delta. Clean romance

Casa Flanigan

When Luke and Susan Flanigan moved to their farm, they had no idea God would send them stranger after stranger looking for refreshment, renewal, and peace. But having guests show up in one's life day after day isn't easy. Contemporary Christian romance.

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