You're about to turn thirty, Adam. I thought it might be a good time to revisit your plans and dreams. You can ignore this page and never look at it again. And I promise this is the first and last time I put together a page like this, because it might be insulting, although it isn't meant to be. Instead, because I have a little time on my hands, and because I know you, I thought I'd do a little research for you and play guidance counselor for you one last time. On this page you'll find some links to ideas for your future. Just ideas. What you do with them is up to you. However, if you like any of them and want help making something new happen in your life, then I'm happy to help, both with ideas and, to a point, with finances, either as a gift or a loan. If you want to do something amazing, let's make it happen.

Career Ideas

CNA/SRNA (nurse's aide)

Most often works with elderly patients. In a way, this might be a difficult job--dealing with people, helping them with daily life skills, cleaning up after them, helping them do things they can no longer do. However, you have the greatest people skills ever. A patient would be honored to have you helping them, even if it might not be the easiest job in the world. They start around $11/hour and work up from there. Requires state certification, which takes a couple weeks, can sometimes be done online, and costs under $1000. (A lot of employers have a $1-2K sign on bonus, which would pay you back for that certification cost.) Certification only takes a couple weeks, so you are in no way locked into a life of being a CNA. It could easily fill time until you do something else or finish other education.

Would require a TB test and possibly updating your vaccinations.

Kentucky Healthcare Training program

Emergency Medical Training Professionals

BCTC might also offer this program. Click HERE

To look at jobs available in this field right now, check out with keywords SRNA or CNA. There are always a lot available, because honestly I think very few people really have the personality for this job. I think you're one of those people. Also, people leave for more education and become nurses.

Patient and Nurse


Certification can be done at BCTC in one semester or can be done elsewhere. Jobs can be found at with keywords EMT Also, this is the first step if a person wants to become a paramedic. You have the people skills and like the adrenaline rush that would come with a job like this.

BCTC Program

Emergency Medical Training Professionals program

Computer Jobs

BCTC has a lot of computer tracks to get different certificates--from database technician (informatics) to programming to web technician to videogame design. I'd look at each of the certifications and then look at for each one to see what jobs are most available around here. Also, many of them qualify for the Work Ready Kentucky program, which allows for free tuition in certain fields. You'd have to fill out a FAFSA for those.

BCTC main computer page

Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship site--explains the program and lists all the certifications eligible.

Digital Design

Skilled Labor

Aluminum Supplier

Again, BCTC has certificates or full two-year programs for a whole bunch of things that would make Mike Rowe proud. I just thought I'd toss a couple out there. Many of these are on the Work Ready Kentucky program, but even without that, they are pretty affordable.

BCTC's whole program list

Computerized manufacturing (Look at under CNC operator or machine operator)

Engineering and electronics technology (this is the department Eric was going to use--they are in Georgetown and have state of the art equipment and really focus on getting people jobs.)

Goals/Business skills

Man Reaching Star

Productive Flourishing. This guy's site is great. I also bought (and by now might have given to you) his book Start Finishing. He's upbeat and knows his stuff when it comes to starting businesses or projects or just getting things done that you want to do.

I personally think you'd be happier working for someone than owning your own business, but if you do build a business, this is a great template for a business plan. Also great for a hobby business, like game design, to help you think through details.

LifeHack This guy's blogs are really good, even if you never buy his courses (which are pricey.) He deals with motivation and procrastination, and even his little emails, meant to sell his courses, are useful on their own.

House Painting Tools

House Stuff

You may need to make some goals and decisions about your house. Let the goal be creating a place where you can easily welcome guests (girlfriends?) and entertain without worry. That means fixing a few broken things and doing some aesthetic work. Here are some things to think about, as I see it:

Urgent needs:


*Roof patch and possible replacement

*Shower wall replacement

(Now it won't fall down)

Not urgent but necessary:

Electrical overhaul. Every outlet should have power.

Replace glass in living room

(Now it is safe, secure, and easy to use)


Kitchen painted and light replaced

Repaint cabinets

Paint all rooms

Tile/vinyl on bathroom floor

Remove bathroom wallpaper and paint

New curtains in most rooms. Look for light colors.

Living room furniture that is comfortable.

Clean out bedrooms--for guests or roommates, if you want an easy income.

Landscape front yard and maybe some in the back.

Wallhangings, lamps, accessories to make it homey.

(Now it is a place to be proud of and to kick off your shoes and relax)

Now What?

Any of this stuff look interesting? If so, here are a couple possible steps to take to jump into your thirties with a plan.

If you are interested in a job that requires some education:

*Fill out a FAFSA, for 2019/2020 if you want to start in January, and for 2020/2021 if you want to start or continue in the fall. Even if you aren't eligible for grants, fill it out in case you want the Work Ready Kentucky scholarship.

*Choose a program or programs and apply. If it's medical, work on TB tests and getting your vaccines in order. 

*Get your driver's license back.

*Time to save for a clunker car, or set back money for bus or uber to get to classes.

If you are looking at house stuff:

*Make a list of house things you want to tackle (doesn't have to look like mine!!)and save for each one in order. Give yourself a timeline so you won't procrastinate. (ie Kitchen done by Christmas, etc)

*Go room by room or start with the most pressing (ROOF).

As far as goals:

*Read the book Start Finishing

*Decide what applies to you, and get started. Then, keep going until you finish--a project on your house, finding a new job, getting a car, getting more education, whatever will help you move into your thirties with a plan to make it awesome.

Pencil and notepad