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Jill Penrod wrote her first novel in high school. It was a space opera (she watched Star Wars A LOT), and it was not great literature. But she persevered, graduating college with top honors in writing. Since then, she’s published more than forty novels. She had seven series available in several genres, including Christian romance for adults and teens, sweet romance, and Christian fantasy stories. None of them are space operas.

Jill lives in Kentucky with her husband and college-age son. She has three adult children out there doing adult things like work and marriage. Having just finished a twenty-some year stint of homeschooling, Jill isn’t sure what the next phase of her life will look like, but while she figures that out, she writes more books, does pottery, and spoils her long-haired Chihuahua Sparrow. She is a crazy pet lady with two dogs and three cats, and they entertain the entire family.


Recently she fulfilled her dream of moving to the country, although it has yet to be seen if this city mouse can become a country mouse or not.