The Sekou Saga Volume One

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The first two books of the four-book fantasy series in one volume, Chessa's Rescue and Dane's Mountain. A weary ancient warrior finds himself leading a misfit group of young people on a dangerous mission... Paperback and hardcover. $14.99/22.99 USD

Cub and Flipper

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Two of the popular Terry’s Garden young adult/coming of age novels in one stand-alone volume.

The tales of two brothers who live in the same home but have very different lives and the young ladies who befriend and then rescue them. Christian coming of age/romance novels for teens and anyone who remembers those first wobbling steps into adulthood. Although this duo contains books two and three in the series, this volume can be read alone. Paperback $13.99 USD

Border Crossing

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Sometimes it takes two books from two series on two continents to tell a story... Follow friends from the east coast of the US to a retreat center near Australia for romance, suspense, and adventure. Contemporary Christian romance. Paperback or ebook $12.99/2.99 USD

The Sekou Saga Volume Two

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The final two books of the Sekou Saga fantasy series, Gem's Gypsies and Casimir's Silence. The mission is more than they imagined, and more than they think they can survive, but perhaps it will finally lead home. Paperback and hardcover. $14.99/23.99 USD

Glorious Kingdoms

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Two Tales of Balia in one volume.

In the first book an enslaved guard must cross dangerous territory to rescue royal mistresses. In the second a beggar, a slave, and a wounded baker might be the only hope for a dying desert town. Fantasy with a Christian worldview. Paperback $15.99 USD

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Two books in one volume.  Romance, coming of age, fantasy. All in paperback, and some also in hardcover. Click the SHOP buttons for more information and full descriptions.

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