This Christmas, nobody got what he asked for.

It was Christmas, for crying out loud. When Matt Tucker decided to spend the holiday at his roommate Tom’s house instead of braving the Colorado mountains in the winter, he expected hot chocolate and tree decorating and time to binge on old TV shows. Regular holiday stuff, only at Tom’s house and not his own.

But Tom seems to have a few things going on. Tom’s ex-fiancée is in town. Tom has an enemy, believe it or not. Tom, the guy everyone loves, the most down-to-earth, would-never-have-an-enemy-in-a-million-years kind of guy. But there it is. And in the middle of that, why not have some girlfriend trouble? Yep, Matt’s girlfriend’s family is having a little freak out to make the holidays complete. Like Tom’s mess isn’t enough to fill his days.

It gets real, though, when the whole show moves to the hospital. The holidays are not the time to say goodbye to a friend, especially a friend he’s barely gotten to know. It’s unfair, and it hurts, and he doesn’t know how to get through it. Everyone talks about God, but does God visit the ICU on Christmas morning? Matt isn’t sure he wants the answer to that question.

Like his summer, which changed his life and brought him all these crazy friends, the holidays will also change Matt. Growing up and growing as a Christian aren’t easy. But what else is a guy supposed to do?

Adventure, danger, romance… Welcome to the Boys of Summer, a new adult Christian series for teens and anyone who appreciates the challenges of stepping into adulthood.

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