To Marley, nothing is scarier than caring.

It was no fun when Marley’s mom’s boyfriend attacked him. It was even less fun when his mom put him on a bus across the country to stay with his difficult, free spirit sister and her collection of children. But this was his new reality. No job, no friends, no hope. And truly he doesn’t much care.

It turned out he moved into a building with some bleeding heart Christian guys, which leads to a job and even a few friends. He isn’t sure about the whole religion thing, and their incessant positive attitudes are infuriating since none of them walk into a disaster of a home every evening like he does, but he keeps plugging away. It should be his motto, the guy who plugs away.

But it’s hard to live disconnected forever, and connecting can be its own kind of nightmare. Marley starts to care about the people in his life, and that can’t happen. Caring means hurting. People leave. Nothing can be trusted, especially not family or friends. But try as he might, Marley might be stuck in a new nightmare where he actually wants to thrive in this world. Romance? Religion? Responsibility? What happened to the old Marley, and is there any way to get him back before this new Marley panics and makes a mess of everything?

Adventure, danger, romance… Welcome to the Boys of Summer, a Christian new adult series for teens and anyone who appreciates the challenges of stepping into adulthood. If the Sun is book eleven in the series.

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