Everyone though they knew Jake, but he didn't even know himself.

Everyone knew Jake Branigan. He was the pastor’s kid. His entire life had been fodder for lessons from the pulpit, and he was okay with that. He didn’t have any secrets to hide, and he had a lot of respect for his dad’s job.

Except his dad had screwed up, and suddenly his fishbowl existence wasn’t a great place to be. He had a new life, new friends, and yet he’d lost his identity. What was the pastor’s kid when his dad was no longer the pastor? How did a guy come to grips with his hero falling splat and taking down his whole family with him? Where did family obligations end and his own life begin?

Turned out God had a lot of answers to those questions, but first Jake had to have the sense to ask them. Sense had never been his forte, but maybe that was the big lesson, how to stand alone and then let people in to help him get to know the real Jake Branigan. Maybe he was worth knowing all on his own.

Adventure, danger, romance… Welcome to the Boys of Summer, a new adult Christian series for teens and anyone who appreciates the challenges of stepping into adulthood.

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