Stephen's new life makes it hard to keep his secrets.

First he lived with the world’s worst family. Then he spent some time homeless on a beach. Not so bad, really. If you gotta be homeless, the beach is pretty sweet. Now Stephen Valentino finds himself living in an apartment with these Christian guys. Like, super nice, spooky friendly, way too cheerful Christian guys.

He wants to succeed. They seem to have this God thing going on, and he likes that. What’s not to like, right, about love and divine help? But he hasn’t told them everything, and that’s a problem. He finds a girl, which is a total surprise for a guy a few weeks post-homelessness, and she’s awesome. Except she’s hiding and seems to want to fix him. She needs to get in line. Everyone wants to fix him.

If his secrets get out and his family shows up, he has no Plan B, and the truth is closing in. Should he run? Fight? Give up? Where do God and creepy friends and a difficult girl fit into the mess of Stephen’s life? Why is normal so difficult? Stephen has to decide how to answer those questions and more as he tries to put together a life and leave the messy Stephen behind.

Adventure, danger, romance… Welcome to the Boys of Summer, a new adult Christian series for teens and anyone who appreciates the challenges of stepping into adulthood. Salvaging Stephen is book seven in the series.

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