One summer can change everything.

His parents are imploding, and he’s feeling the blame. What better way to escape the mess than to join his uncle in Mexico for a summer leading horse rides for children? College junior Matt Tucker is looking forward to a little sun, a lot of horses, and an excuse to leave the country before the parental fireworks.

Somehow Matt never counted on teammates. The brooding guy? The angry girl? It was all so cliché, so high school, so human. Matt doesn’t want human right now. He wants to hide. He sure doesn’t want to share bucket baths and midnight secrets with strangers. What if they discover his own secrets? What if they discover he’s not exactly the fun-loving Matt he wants them to see?

And then there’s the God part. Once that meant something, but now it’s just about guilt and failure. One of his team wants to become a missionary. Can that be more awkward, since he isn’t sure he wants to think about God at all? What did Matt get himself into, anyway?

The summer might heal him. The summer might kill him. Whatever happens, the Matt Tucker who got on a plane in June won’t be the same guy who gets off in August. And to think he just wanted to ride a few horses…

Adventure, danger, romance… Welcome to the Boys of Summer, a contemporary new adult Christian series for teens and anyone who appreciates the challenges of stepping into adulthood.

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