This Christmas, nobody got what he asked for...

Unable to get home to the mountains for Christmas, Matt spends the holidays in the south with Tom, unaware how eventful the warm Christmas season will be, for Tom's ex-fiancee has come home, and she's got a new boyfriend who doesn't like Tom, a boyfriend who spells danger for anyone he touches.


On top of that, Shawn Carpenter needs help building a play set, Matt finds out his girlfriend Dana has been keeping a secret from him, and Tom's cousin has been keeping a secret of his own named Julianne Summers.


Between Tom's dramas, Dana's struggles, and Matt's own sadness about spending Christmas away from his family, this holiday season is anything but restful.  And when it turns in a direction nobody expected,  Matt is suddenly faced with the reality that someone he cares for might not survive the holidays at all.



Also available in Boys of Summer Bundle Two.