It wasn't the summer vacation he'd planned, nor was it the summer vacation he wanted...

Since his mother's death four years ago, Eric Van der Haas has spent two weeks with his brother Aaron.  Suddenly, as a favor to his aunt, he and Aaron, as well as their younger, angry cousin Brenda and Eric's best friend Samantha are thrown together for weeks to deliver an RV and make some memories along the way.


Both brothers have changed, and they don't know each other at all, so at first all they can do is fight.  With the added burden of their unhappy cousin, a suspicious traveler in need, and days spent at crazy tourist traps fulfilling their aunt's desires for their trip, the journey will either mend their relationship or destroy it altogether.  And honestly, for most of the summer Eric doesn't know which outcome he wants more.

Cross Country is book three of the Boys of Summer series, drama/romance for teens and the young at heart.

Also available in Boys of Summer Bundle One.