Banar the beggar had no idea that watching a princess would change his life...

On the dry side of a  mountain in Balia, in the desert town of Alagor,  Banar the lame beggar sits near the pools and watches the nobility pass.  Malia the Agridore princess, second daughter of a powerful magistrate, attracts attention and irritates her distant father.   Malia’s pale companion slave Anna follows her mistress, while  Alandro, Anna’s brother and ex-slave, bakes at his shop and leads a tiny sect of TrueGod worshipers.


But, drought comes to Alagor, and life changes.  Malia is engaged to an arrogant prince from the south who might not be what he seems.  Anna's  fated  to become concubine to the magistrate’s son when Malia weds.  Banar meets Alandro and finds healing for his physical body and, more reluctantly, for his soul.  Alandro’s sect catches the eye of Malia’s father, who declares war on all in Alagor who don’t bow to his vicious Longsuffering God.


As food becomes scarce and the noble wedding draws near, TrueGod binds these people, and they draw closer to solving a puzzle which, left unsolved, could mean the end of TrueGod’s presence in Alagor and the deaths of all who follow him.  For it seems TrueGod and Longsuffering God battle over Alagor, and only one god and his followers will survive this war.  Christian fantasy, always with a satisfying dose of romance.   Readable in any order, so grab one and start a new journey today.