Sometimes Colt gets lost in the chaos...

When Colt Granbury’s mother remarries, he gets a new stepdad and a new brother, but the changes aren’t what he’d hoped for. His new brother doesn’t seem to care about him, and while his stepdad loves him, Colt knows he’s not as important as his stepdad’s son or their new baby. He understands, but his feelings of inferiority drive him away, so he spends most of his time helping a friend on her farm to hide from the hurt in his life.


Fiona recently lost her dad to cancer, and her driving ambition is to finish her dad’s plans for the B&B they bought before he got sick. Colt Granbury offers to help her, and they begin the long, difficult, and dangerous process of keeping up the inn. Her mother constantly threatens to sell it, and her siblings don’t care, but with Colt’s help, she knows her hard work will pay off, and the inn will be exactly what her dad always wanted.


But Colt gets lost in her ambitions. He gets lost when tragedy strikes his family. What will it take for everyone to realize he’s one of the best parts of their world, and if they don’t start to see him, they may lose him for good?


The No-See-Um of Dragonfly Creek is book five of the Terry’s Garden series, stories about a love that touches generations and the garden where God heals broken hearts.