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Is she too angry to rescue him?

Brenda’s parents broke her heart when they left her behind to pursue jobs in Europe. Then they broke it worse when they called her home right before senior year. Her rich, clueless parents had no idea how happy she was living with her cousin and how much she doesn’t want her family put back together.


Finding a guy on her beach gives her something else to think about. He’s everything she needs to distract her from her woes—charming, handsome, and another person who thinks being wealthy isn’t the key to a perfect life.


But the guy is also more. He’s got secrets and responsibilities he won’t share. Pain radiates off him when he talks about his family. When he’s called to make a heart-wrenching decision, Brenda seems to be the only person in his corner. Is she strong enough to reach out to a drowning soul when her own soul struggles with anger and resentment? What kind of power do two seniors have against a big, wide world that thinks it knows what’s best for them?


Girls Aglow, a Contemporary Christian teen/new adult romance series. With a little adventure, faith, and friendship, these girls take the first steps into adulthood, and it’s going to be a wild ride.