A dangerous journey home...

Meandering around a volcanic ridge, through jungle lowlands, and over salt flats, Dusk Lane is a route only the most desperate travelers find, and without strong guides nobody can survive the path through the beautiful and dangerous interior of Chimelu. 


Rika is one such guide, but this group of travelers might prove to be more than he can handle, for each has suffered great loss.  Young Aaden has lost his music; beautiful Lunette has lost her voice; bold Annora has lost her future; and all three hope something on the path can restore them.  Rika finds he has lost his detachment, and as he sinks more deeply into the lives of his travelers, he realizes this trek down the Lane may change his entire life.  Of course, they’re traveling in the rainy season when the path is most dangerous, so there’s a good chance they won’t survive to change at all.


Take another trek into the world of Balia in this installment of the Tales of Balia, the fantasy series about a rich land not so different from our own and the god who wanders it looking to save lost people and bring them home.  Christian fantasy, always with a satisfying dose of romance.  Readable in any order, so grab a tale of Balia and enter a new world today.