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College was Sally's chance to reinvent herself...

Raised on a ranch, Sally is a tomboy who never got asked on a date in high school. College, though, is going to be different. She’s got new hair, new clothes, and the determination to find a guy and a little romance. Now in a dorm with new friend Holly, she’s going to take on the world and leave her old self behind. However, blindly dating anyone interested doesn’t seem to be working, although she’s collecting some great stories about the worst dates ever. She isn’t sure how to get what she wants.


When her estranged mother gets sick, Sally has to return to her old life, as well as an old friend she never truly saw before, and things begin to change. But this guy lives far away, and she doesn’t want a long distance thing. She wants romance to be fun and easy and nearby.


But even Sally isn’t so far gone not to care about this guy, and when he leaves her alone like she wants and then finds himself in trouble, she realizes what she’s been overlooking all along. She just hopes it isn’t too late to make amends and that she can find some balance between the tomboy and the girl looking to be loved.


Girls Aglow, a Contemporary Christian teen/new adult romance series. With a little adventure, faith, and friendship, these girls take the first steps into adulthood, and it’s going to be a wild ride.