College was Sally's chance to reinvent herself...

For Sally Sanderson, college is a chance to become a new person and discard the lonely tomboy she was in high school.  Rooming with new friend Holly MacGuire, Sally begins her hunt for new friends and a new boyfriend, and it’s almost scary what she’s willing to become to get what she wants.


But God has plans for Sally--the real Sally--and he puts events in her path that only she can handle, from a car accident to a missing friend to a mother in the hospital.  Through it all, Sally has to open herself up to God’s plans and trust his timing.  Waiting has never been Sally’s best virtue, but if she does, she might find God has put in her path the things she desires the most.


Farmer's Daughter is book four of the Boys of Summer: Girls Aglow series, Christian teen/new adult drama and romance.