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The book that started it all, now updated and sporting a new cover.


For Shawn Carpenter, life had been work, family, and paying penance. When he discovers God and joins a college youth group, suddenly he's surrounded by friends, gets a new job, and finds himself attracted to the boss's unobtainable daughter, Jenny Clearwater.


 Throw in a tidal cave, an angry youth leader, and some secrets from his past that he wants to keep hidden, and Shawn wonders if this new God he trusts really has a plan for his life after all.


 Adventure, danger, romance…  Welcome to the Boys of Summer, the Christian series for teens and anyone who appreciates the challenges of stepping into adulthood.


More than 50 5-star Amazon reviews and several weeks second on the charts in its category!  

Stephen Valentino finds it's hard to go from homelessness to a life with eerily friendly guys who keep saying they want to help him. Staying with new acquaintances Matt Tucker and Tom Van der Haas for the summer, Stephen is in a new world, with a job, friends, and maybe even a girlfriend. But he isn't sure he can keep it, because Stephen has a secret, one that might cause his friends to walk away, and he's pretty sure he can't hide it forever.


Meanwhile, he attracts trouble at work; he can't figure out Amy, who has secrets of her own and won't let him into her life; and his past comes to call. That one hurts most of all, realizing he can't make a clean break from his old life. Instead, to protect everyone he cares about, he might have to leave his new life behind and go it alone. The guys tell him there's a God to help him out, but for now, Stephen feels like he's facing the world alone.


Book Seven of the Boys of Summer series,  Christian romance and drama for teens and the young at heart. Completely readable even if you've never read the rest of the series.