Two worlds, two hearts, one hope

One fateful day changes everything for Christianna Habersham, daughter of a wealthy jewelry guilder.  After an attack leaves her unconscious and injured at the side of the road, an exiled gypsy man finds and cares for her, then leaves her in her provincial Boreal town on his quest to find his place in the world.


TrueGod, though, sees fit to put the pair together, for the knight has left Christi with child, and nobody else will have her, so she and the gypsy who found her are wed with no real knowledge of one another or the worlds in which each was raised.  Christi fights to tame the wandering gypsy, and Marcus fights to learn about the heart of a woman, and it becomes all too easy to drift apart for the sake of peace.


Eventually, they must learn to put each other and their love for TrueGod above all else, or they will lose something they love and themselves in the process. Take another trek into the rich world of Balia in this installment of the Tales of Balia, the Christian fantasy series.  Readable in any order, grab a Balia book and enter a new world today.