To Marley, nothing is scarier than caring...

When Marley Owen’s stepdad attacks him, his mother puts him on a bus and sends him halfway across the country to stay with his sister and her kids.  As a new high school graduate, Marley is lost and alone in a new city, no idea how to deal with his difficult, free spirit sister or her collection of children.


But his sister lives in Stephen Valentino and Jake Branigan’s building, and God has a plan for him.  Pretty soon he’s working for Stephen, making friends, and talking to a girl.  Still, though, his home life is broken, and he has no use for all the religion his new friends spew, especially in light of the hopeless situation he lives every night after work. 


Sometimes, though, to reach through a hard shell, God has to use a sledgehammer, and before Marley can find any healing in his life, he might have to live through a few shattering experiences that make him question everything in his entire world.  Book eleven of the Boys of Summer series, romance and drama for teens and the young at heart.