The Island


When a storm and a foreign attack take the world by surprise, senior Trish Winters finds herself trapped on a large Pacific island with her family.  Then newly-graduated Cal Fisher washes up on shore, injured and alone, and the search starts for his family.  Trish's dad isn't happy to have a guest, fearing for his family, but Trish, her mom, and her brother all do what they can to care for him.


Mack, Trish's brother, hasn't seen his famliy in awhile, and being stuck with them in the disaster isn't easy. Desperate to be useful, Mack finds Cal's cousin Kathy, who is pretty and sweet and instantly catches Mack's eye, and he draws closer to the cousins and farther from his own family.


When the Winters family finds out the Fisher cousins are Christians, Mr. Winters becomes even more difficult.  Survival in the abandoned island town isn't easy as it is, but with family tensions rising, it gets worse.  Add in more storms, an old man who ignores the evacuation, and two large wild cats, and tension becomes danger.   Will they be able to work together to stay alive?   Find out in the teen novel The Island, coming in 2015. Christian teen fiction, Christian romance and adventure.