Launch Teams

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Interested in receiving free new releases in exchange for honest reviews? Then join a launch team. Or join all the launch teams.

Two weeks before a new release—in the genres/series you choose—you will receive a link to an ARC copy (advanced reader’s copy) of the book. Then on launch day, you will get a reminder email with review page links so you can leave a review.

If you review the book, I’d also love it if you would send me a copy of the review at In doing so you give me permission to include parts of reviews on my website—I am looking to spice up my book pages—and I will also send you a personal thank you for your review. 

*What if the book arrives when I’m too busy to read it?  This happens. If you know you can’t read it in time, I would still appreciate late reviews. Also, if you know you can’t read a book in two weeks, shoot me an email, and I’ll set you up with the ARC earlier.

*Is this ethical? Aren’t you buying reviews? Amazon and other retailers allow me to give you a book and ask for a review. They do not allow me to give you compensation post-review. In other words, I give you something and HOPE you review. 

Fill in the following information to get yourself on the right team or teams—you are welcome to review any and all of my series. 

Thanks in advance for joining my team. Readers like you make writing worth all the time and effort. You are appreciated!