Susan needs a plan, and she needs it yesterday...

Susan Van der Haas has just graduated high school, and she has no idea what to do with her life.  At her mother’s suggestion, she decides to spend the summer as a nanny, hoping God will help her see things clearly before fall.


Susan wasn’t counting on the arrival of her wards’ older brother, a tough guy who’s angry and broken and making life difficult for everyone around him.  Nor did she count on caring for a teenage girl with a teenage boyfriend or a family that seems to be hiding a few deep and possibly dangerous secrets.  With her quiet, contemplative summer becoming anything but, Susan finds God can speak through chaos just as well as peace.


Low Visibility is book three in the Boys of Summer: Girls Aglow series, Christian romance/drama for teens or the young at heart.  Never read the Boys?  The Girls can be read on their own, or find the Boys and read them all.