Some call the story of Vion and Dianna a myth...

"Vion, right now, if a man showed an interest in me, and the price for that interest was an intimate encounter, I would give it to him.  That frightens me.  I need to go away and think about things for a time.”  With those words Vion's wife Dianna takes his children and leaves, beginning a journey that will lead both husband and wife across a continent where all the mysteries of the seas bow to TrueGod as he pursues the unknowing pair.

For Vion, the journey includes sea monsters, worshipers of strange gods, and a trip into his past as TrueGod softens his heart, sealed and hardened by a mother who disappointed him and fathers who wounded him. Dianna's journey includes a strange man who shows her waterfalls, mountains, and seas, reawakening dreams she'd long buried and promising a love she always hoped to experience.

Along the way they learn of a man Christus, and both know he is the key to everything they desire, so they listen to his lessons and wait, hoping to become what the god wants them to be and praying their paths will one day lead them home. Christian historic fantasy, Christian romance