Secrets within secrets...

When two new stable boys show up at Hawthorn Castle, everyone knows they aren't who they say, but laundry mistress Valerie has no idea their secrets will change her entire life.  The deity TrueGod, though, has planned this crossing of paths for many years, and before all is revealed, Valerie and her friend Harmony will lose the lives they always knew, travel dangerous paths, and try to make a new home in a world filled with danger.


For Faraday and Alex, the plan is simply to protect Valerie and secrets she doesn't know about herself.  Instead, they tip their hands and end up dragging the girls into danger to escape an old enemy.  But even they don't know the depths of the secrets surrounding them, and TrueGod plans to use those secrets to change not only the lives of stable boys and house maids, but the fates of several entire kingdoms.  


Filled with romance and adventure, this installment of the Tales of Balia series takes readers to yet another corner of the lush land of Balia as TrueGod changes lives and heals hearts as he brings lost people home.  Christian fantasy.  Readable in any order, so grab a tale of Balia and start a new journey today.