They call him demon spawn, yet he will save them all...

For generations two peoples have fought over the mountains of Thanador.  The native Tarra'ans hate the recent arrivals, the Contolte, and eventually that hatred turns to war.  Yaotl and Jensen, though, are a Tarra'an and a Contolte who live as brothers.  Yearning to stay together, they find no safe place where both can be welcomed. 


Born across the great water, Nadia is a missioner from a clinic who is able to walk outside the battle.  When her path crosses that of the two men, one of them is injured, and they decide to escape down the burning, warring mountain together.  She leads them to a Tarra'an village that claims to love TrueGod and promises to protect both the men, but some hatred takes time to fade, and before long staying in  the village is almost as dangerous to the trio as  setting off alone.


But they also find allies and friends, even forbidden romance, and when the evil  of the war threatens to destroy the whole mountain, love and friendship may be the only things to save any of  them, Tarra'an and Contolte alike.