How far will Nikko go to protect the people that killed his family?

Taken from his home in his youth, Nikolai is now a guard protecting the royal mistresses in the Most Glorious Land of Long.  When invaders from his homeland kidnap the girls—and everyone else in the summer palace—he begins a journey to get help for those missing and find the truth behind the invasion.


He manages to rescue two of his charges, and with the help of a woman from his past who despises him, he works to restore the girls to safety and aid those missing, but secrets from his past, as well as secrets within the House of Long itself, threaten the entire Glorious Land.  Can one tired, broken guard, even with TrueGod at his side, restore the kidnapped souls?  And where does his allegiance truly lie?  Nikolai must answer these questions and more as he takes a trip into a painful past and faces people and places he thought gone from his life forever.


Take another journey to the Land of Balia in this installment of the Tales of Balia, Christian fantasy and romance. Readable in any order, Tales of Balia trek into a world filled with lush landscape and rich cultures, where a benevolent deity changes lives and hearts to bring his people home.