She was his only hope...

Nobody knows why Shanna Grayson works so hard to be invisible, but some days it gets old, and she wishes someone in the world understood her, that she had the courage to come into the light and be known. Then a new maintenance man shows up in her friends’ apartment building, a guy more invisible than she is, and she sees herself in the man, another human lost and alone.


Landon walked into his new life with nothing, and he barely has the energy to care, let alone make friends. Shanna watches from afar and realizes if anyone’s going to help him, it will have to be her, the girl whose mother taught her not even to talk to guys, let alone save their lives. But digging into his life and his pain isn’t easy for someone who shies from people, and Shanna may have to face a lot of her own hang ups before she can reach out and grab hold of another soul.


 Girls Aglow, a Contemporary Christian teen/new adult romance series. With a little adventure, faith, and friendship, these girls take the first steps into adulthood, and it’s going to be a wild ride.

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