Shanna was taught not to talk to men, but she was the only chance Landon had...

Nobody understands why Shanna Grayson works so hard to be invisible, but some days it gets old, and she wishes someone in the world understood her. Then her friends’ landlord hires a new maintenance man, and he might be lonelier than she is. He’s also angry and lost, and she isn’t sure it’s wise to deal with him.


Through a bike wreck, orphaned newborn kittens, and an unexpected death that changes Shanna’s world, they get thrown together time and again, and Shanna decides God may want her to think again about dealing with Landon. It seems she’s the only who sees his value, the only one willing to be Jesus’ hands in his life, the only one to rescue him. Maybe by helping him, she’ll find what’s been missing in her life all this time, as well. She simply has to discover some truths about herself and God and take the risk of sharing her heart. Except those things aren’t simple at all.


Olden Days is the ninth book in the Girls Aglow series, Christian romance and drama for the young at heart.