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The worst part of being a healer is saying goodbye.

Ever since he sneaked a peek at his sister-in-law giving birth, Pierre has wanted to become a healer. As a triplet living in an isolated swamp community, he has little opportunity to learn, so when he meets a woman who will train him, he leaves everything he knows to stay with her, far down the river from everything he knows.


Suzette was raised in the deep swamp, hidden from the world and living under her papa’s very firm thumb. During a drought she moves in with her ailing aunt, who has asked a strange boy to come learn healing. Suzette has rarely seen boys, and Pierre’s presence makes her uncomfortable, although he is kind and beautiful and filled with energy. She is certain he will hate her, like most people do, not understanding the deep bog folk who raised her.


When Suzette’s papa calls her home to marry a monster, she finds herself in danger, and she has to flee to Pierre for help. He takes her home to keep her safe, where she comes face to face with his triplet brothers and large family. She doesn’t want to live so near the boy she loves but can’t have, but it’s the only way for her to stay safe. Worse, he loves her, too, so she knows her presence can only break his heart.


After one of Pierre’s first healing attempts leads to the death of a little girl, Pierre nearly loses himself, and it will take the love and work of family and Suzette to pull him back and close the fractures to the family Suzette caused when she arrived. She doesn’t know if she has what it takes to heal and love this very beautiful, very sensitive boy who seems to see her much better than she knows herself to be. She only knows she has to try, whatever the cost.