They lived summer to summer, until one winter took them down...

After Sebastian Cross’s parents divorce, he has to spend summers with his dad, far from everything he knows. Fortunately, his dad lives next to the Kentons, three houses of family that includes grandparents, cousins, and one girl his age who welcomes him with a sunny smile. His winter life with his mother becomes a mess, but he relies on magical summer days with Savannah Kenton and her gardens to keep him afloat.


But his winter life grows darker and darker, with his mother making poor decisions that affect his schools, his friends, and his family. And Savannah’s winters aren’t much better, as events at school turn her into a pariah. Sunny Savannah loses her ability to smile the same summer Sebastian can’t come to visit, and both of them feel the loss.


When a winter tragedy drives Sebastian far from everyone who loves him, Savannah, always his sunshine and his lifeline, might not be strong enough to pull him home. Unless God does something miraculous, Sebastian will be lost, and he might take Savannah down with him. Praying Home the Mantis is book four of the Terry’s Garden series, stories about a love that touches generations and the garden where God heals broken hearts.