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Everyone knew Remy would never leave home.
Until he the day he disappeared.

When Natalie and Charles’ father goes to prison, and their mother commits suicide as a result, two formerly wealthy siblings find themselves penniless and homeless, city kids looking for distant family in the river delta. Their first stop on the river leads them to a guide, a young man Natalie’s age who travels with a cat, knows everything about the river, and won’t give them the first clue about his life or his past.


After weeks of searching doesn’t turn up their missing aunt, Natalie and Charles decide they need to learn the skills of river life, from trapping to trading to guiding a raft. As he teaches them, the mysterious Remy gets sick, and he has no choice but to tell them how to get him home, where they discover just how much he’s hidden from them.


It turns out Remy is a triplet with a big family, and that family is thrilled and yet furious with the return of their missing brother. Natalie tries to help the family walk through their feelings, including the tragedy that sent Remy away in the first place, but this isn't her world, and she doesn't know how to help. Instead she falls in love with the triplet while the family helps them continue their search for their aunt. Now, though, Natalie is torn between biological family she’s never met and a family of the heart that has pulled her in, especially the sensitive, broken boy who saved her life and yet needs her to save his right back.