What happens when the wedding photographer doesn't believe in love?

Chloe Templeton’s sister is the maid of honor for Julianne Summers and Tom Van der Haas’ wedding, and she has the honor of being the photographer.  For a week she gets to hang out on the beach with friends and, if she’s lucky, this wedding will start her photography career.  Unfortunately, love is in the air, and Chloe wants nothing to do with that.  For reasons she refuses to share, love and sacrifice are not part of her life or her future.  She keeps everyone at arm’s length, even her sister. 


 Sal Diego, a friend of the bridal family, keeps showing up, though, and he has enough charm that he just might break through Chloe’s tough barriers.  Or perhaps it will be Noble, the photographer from the gallery nearby who has eyes for her.  Or maybe Amy, a wedding guest who reminds her what it means to be a friend.  Regardless, God may think it’s time for a few wounds to be healed, for her and people around her, and that can mean adventures, discoveries, and danger.  Book six of the Girls Aglow series, Christian romance/drama for teens and the young at heart.