He wants to forget. She wants to belong. God might want them to heal.

As the Mist Scatters

When the doctors told Huck his shattered leg would take a year to heal, he was angry. For years building St. Ninian's Sanctuary and being its head of maintenance had been Huck’s identity, say nothing of how many demons the hard work kept at bay. With nothing to do now but heal, he’s lonely, haunted, and doesn’t know who he is.

Pearl O’Day is the new head of the hospitality department, and she’s also the only single mother on the island. She’s not sure she belongs here—and some of the staff seems to agree—but she also has no other place to go if this doesn’t work out. She packed up her whole life in the States to work on this island retreat center at the bottom of the world. The job that seemed too good to be true might end up her biggest mistake, and that shakes her faith and her confidence to the core.

God seems to have different plans for both Huck and Pearl, deep plans that will address their pasts, their pain, and their loneliness. It might take a little danger, a lot of misunderstanding, and some good old-fashioned forgiveness to get this pair where God wants them to be. The only hope is that they don’t lose something precious to both of them along the way.

As the Mist Scatters is book two of the St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series, small-town Christian contemporary romance with a mysterious island twist.

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