Everyone said he was grieving wrong...

Beyond the Borderland

After thirty year-old Sage loses his wife, people accuse him of grieving wrong. They don’t know how hard he’s trying to hide the nightmare his marriage had become. His teen sister-in-law Paisley, now his ward, understands least of all. She’s angry, rude, and lonely, and Sage can’t reach her. After they butt heads for six months, well-meaning family sends them to St. Ninian’s Sanctuary to heal, but they have little hope a vacation will fix anything.

Violet and Heath live and work on the island, and each doubts his or her future here. Violet is lonely and thinks she isn’t good with people. Heath is a new graduate who wants to stay but hasn’t been invited. When they befriend Sage and Paisley and begin to dig into the pain and secrets surrounding the pair, four lives start to change.

Unfortunately, not one of them sees past his or her own heartache. It isn’t until one of them goes missing that they begin to focus through the eyes of the others, only by that point it might be too late to fix anything.

Beyond the Borderlands is book three of the St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series, small-town Christian romance with a mysterious island twist.

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