It's time for a reckoning on the island...


When Kai Alexander and her adopted teen son Dom arrive at St. Ninian’s Sanctuary, they both know this is their last stop. Dom’s rebellion in the States means they can’t go back, and yet Kai fears that her troubled son won’t do much better here at a spiritual retreat center, where she is taking a job as a potter.

Meanwhile, Mac Galloway, a man of great standing on the island, finds himself haunted by his past. He can’t sleep, falling prey to nightmares of a life he thought he’d left behind. Although he trusts that the island is a place of healing for everyone who sets foot on her shores, he has never accepted that help for himself, hiding huge events that might change everything about the island and how it works. For some reason, those secrets are taking him down, and he has no idea what to do about it.

Kai’s son Dom learns some of Mac’s secrets, and he’s wary and fearful, because if Mac goes down, so does the sanctuary, and Dom knows this place is his new mom’s only hope for happiness, maybe the only place in the world she and Dom can stay together and be happy.

Danger, heartache, and secrets finally force Mac to face his past, his fears, and his brokenness. With the help of children, whales, and a woman who trusts Mac when she should run from him, Mac must make some decisions concerning his life and the life of the island he loves. Eventide is book four in the St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series, small-town contemporary Christian romance with a mysterious island twist.

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