He thought he was rescuing her...

Morning Veil

Now a FREE EBOOK. (Regardless of the buttons on this page, this book comes only in ebook format as a free book.) Known for his charm and charisma, pilot Kyle Bolton is a favorite at St. Ninian’s Sanctuary, a Christian retreat center on an island at the bottom of the world. He loves to fly guests in and out. He loves meeting new people. He loves working on the sanctuary farm. Except lately, he hasn’t loved anything at all, and he can’t tell anyone he’s drowning in loneliness because he can’t make sense of it himself. What would make the most popular guy on the island feel so lost and alone?

A barista at the airport on the nearby continent, U.S. student Megan Gallagher is struggling with loneliness of her own. When she’d come to the southern tip of the world for school, she’d imagined adventures and new experiences, but she hates her classes and finds herself hiding in her room from everything unknown. The only thing that calls to her are the brochures the charming pilot Kyle leaves when he buys coffee between flights. The images of the haunting, beautiful, mysterious island look like life, even though they’re tangled up with God and religion, things she knows nothing about. More than anything, she wants to see the island herself.

When Kyle mistakenly thinks Megan needs to escape a bad relationship, he sneaks her onto the island. In the midst of ancient tombs and hidden caves, Megan and Kyle are drawn together and to an understanding of God and themselves neither has known before. Danger and heartache threaten as they decide if the island, God, or each other play roles in their futures.

Morning Veil is a standalone novel in the St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series, small town Christian romance with a mysterious island twist.

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