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Holding True--True Fischer’s dad owns an apartment building, where he works the summer before senior year. Grieving a loss and hiding a secret, he works hard and stays out of trouble, finding life easier if he puts it on autopilot and keeps his emotions out of it. Jemma Kenton is a college freshman who spends the summer in the building while she attends a program for the academically brilliant. Unfortunately, she's smart in school and not so bright with people. The two meet and instantly rub one another the wrong way.


True needs to grieve and open his heart again. Jemma needs to judge people like God does, not basing value on brains and grades. When a painful part of True’s past comes to haunt again, the pair ends up on a spontaneous journey that will lead to a magical garden, a healing road trip, and the realization that matters of the heart are worth any trouble.


Holding True is a mashup of characters from Jill’s two main series about growing up and stepping into the world, Terry’s Garden and the Boys of Summer/Girls Aglow/Casa Flanigan series (three series in the same universe). It’s a great introduction to all four series as well as a peek into the future of some of the most beloved characters from other series, as True and Jemma are children of characters in series past. Teen fiction/new adult fiction for Christian teens and the young at heart.

Morning Veil--Kyle Bolton is one of St. Ninian's Sanctuary's pilots, bringing guests to and from the southern island retreat center, and until a few weeks ago, he loved his job. But lately, nothing in his life feels right.

Megan Gallagher is a US student studying abroad and working as a barista, and Kyle's stories of his island haunt her. When he offers to sneak her onto the island, thinking he's rescuing her from a bad relationship, she leaves everything she's known to see this place that haunts her with its beauty.

Neither of them know God has set them on a path of adventure, discovery, and new beginnings, that He wants them to know Him and get to know one another as the next leg of their life journey begins.

Morning Veil is a stand-alone novel from the St. Ninian's Sanctuary series, Christian romance on a mysterious island retreat center.

NeverNight Fortress--When an unexpected earthquake kills nearly half of the Porfirian people and opens an entrance in Wystan Valley allowing old enemies to get in, Birch, the Porfirian leader, has to decide how to save what remains of his people. After he is injured, his people head to the closest village, Nordica, no idea why Birch avoids the pagan people like he does.


Aurora, leader and holy woman of the Nordicans, doesn’t know how to react when Birch and his people arrive. She has a past with the Porfirian leader that she must hide, and their feelings for one another could get both of them killed. But longings of the heart are hard to ignore, and Birch, especially, doesn’t seem to understand the danger his presence poses for Aurora. Worse, his people and hers follow different gods with completely different modes of honoring them, and they cannot get along.


Faced with an enemy in the valley, Birch and Aurora take their villagers to an abandoned fortress believed to be the location of an ancient slaughter. Once there they discover danger, mysteries, and maybe ghosts. The fortress holds an amazing secret, and unless they can decipher the clues to find it and learn to unite and protect themselves using the fortress’s treasures, both villages and the entire valley might fall.


NeverNight Fortress is a Tale of Balia, stories of a world not unlike our own and the deity who pursues people across time and continents to bring them home.