Senior year wasn't supposed to be like this...

Homeschooled senior Holly MacGuire is facing a few new things in her life.  She’s got newly divorced parents, a new chronic illness, and she’s the new girl in town.  If she has her way, she’ll climb under a blanket and not come out until it’s time for graduation.  But when her mom forces her to visit a church youth group, suddenly Holly is dragged into a lot of stories, including a girl with a stalker and baseball star Jason Birch, who seems to have a few hidden problems of his own.


Angry about her health and her parents, Holly can either wallow for the year, or she can listen to God’s voice and jump into lives, even though she’ll have to start over in the fall.  Neither appeals to her, but her choices may change her entire future.


Sugar Rush is book one of the Girls Aglow series, a companion to the Boys of Summer series, Christian romance and drama for teens.  Never read the Boys?  The girls can be read on their own, or find the boys and read them all.