Senior year wasn't supposed to be like this...

Junior year had been a bust. Holly had a new chronic illness, her parents split, and her mom moved her to a new state. Since she home schools, she figures she’ll stay at home senior year and come out again for college.


Nope. Mom insists she try the local youth group. She is welcomed by one Jason Birch, a handsome baseball player who asks too many questions and disrupts her plans not to speak to the world until graduation. Somehow she ends up at all kinds of crazy youth events, and at every one Jason is there, being charming, being secretive, being human. Seems popularity and a good throwing arm don’t really fix a broken life.


Together they struggle with their own issues as well as those of the other. Will Holly figure out this new life, facing death on a daily basis? Will Jason’s family issues ruin his chances for the future he’s dreamed of? God has the answers, but this time he’s making them work for it, and it might just take every second of senior year to get them ready for their future.


Girls Aglow, a Contemporary Christian teen/new adult romance series. With a little adventure, faith, and friendship, these girls take the first steps into adulthood, and it’s going to be a wild ride.

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