Grow up. Fall in love. Avoid alligators.
 Princess is only nine when her mother abandons her, leaving her in their swamp home with her dad, who travels to make a living.  That same day she meets Cree, the boy two houses down on their tiny patch of dry land, and he invites her to dinner with his baby  brothers, for Cree, like Princess, has little family to help him.


Alone most of the time, Cree and Princess work together to survive and raise Cree's brothers.  Occasionally hindered by Cree's abusive father, they learn about life and growing up through her dad's extensive library and things they figure out on their own.


Life in a swamp isn't easy for two kids, though.  They endure flooding storms, illness, and alligators along the way.  Cree longs to care for his brothers by traveling the swamp, but Princess is terrified he'll never come back, just like her mother never came back, and tensions between them grow.  But, without each other, they know they can't survive.


In this coming of age book, follow Cree and Princess as they grow up, learning about friendship, love, and family along the way.  And, of course, how to avoid alligators.  Sweet romance, coming of age story.

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