A brand new family, a magical garden, and the power of love

When Yeardleigh's papa murders her mama, an unlikely pair steals this city girl to the swamp for safety.  Twelve year-old Yeardleigh finds herself left with a family with two boys and a girl, and she has to learn all the ways of  river life, nothing like her city existence.


As Yeardleigh grows up, she develops feelings for one of the boys, but he makes a decision that leads him away from her and estranges him from his entire family, forcing Yeardleigh to think about family, city life, and what she wants from her future.


Tragedy and danger come to both Cy and Yeardleigh, and they have another chance to determine if they could be more than friends raised together.  Assuming, of course, they survive the attacks against them.


The final book of the Trilogy on the River, Swamp Song is one more trek into the simpler--but never safer--life of a group of folks who live away from the world on the river.  Sweet romance.

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