Can she convince her husband to take a chance on love?

Like many young people on the river, Emilie and Luc are married for the benefits of their families. Emilie finds Luc attractive, and she hopes to find the happiness her parents had.  Luc, however, has no understanding of women or wives, and he just wants Emilie to care for his ailing grandfather so he won't lose his farm.


Emilie is determined to show Luc how helpful a wife can be to him.  Luc's father, though, tries to convince Luc that a wife is a problem, and after his grandfather dies he should send Emilie home.  


With both Luc and Emilie's families working against them, the pair will need to be united if they are to survive.  Emilie only hopes she can reach Luc's heart before his papa kills it entirely.


Swamp Wife is book two of the Trilogy on the River.  Drift down the river and enjoy a sweet romance from a simpler place and time.

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