Tales of Balia...

    A land not unlike our own, created by the powerful deity TrueGod.  His people turned away from him, but he pursues them through time and space to bring them back to him, leading them through adventures, battles, and romance, one lost soul at a time.  These are his stories.  Christian historical fantasy, always with a satisfying dose of romance.  Readable in any order.

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Banar the beggar had no idea that watching a princess would change his life...

On the dry side of a  mountain in Balia, in the desert town of Alagor,  Banar the lame beggar sits near the pools and watches the nobility pass.  Malia the Agridore princess, second daughter of a powerful magistrate, attracts attention and irritates her distant father.   Malia’s pale companion slave Anna follows her mistress, while  Alandro, Anna’s brother and ex-slave, bakes at his shop and leads a tiny sect of TrueGod worshipers.


But, drought comes to Alagor, and life changes.  Malia is engaged to an arrogant prince from the south who might not be what he seems.  Anna's  fated  to become concubine to the magistrate’s son when Malia weds.  Banar meets Alandro and finds healing for his physical body and, more reluctantly, for his soul.  Alandro’s sect catches the eye of Malia’s father, who declares war on all in Alagor who don’t bow to his vicious Longsuffering God.


As food becomes scarce and the noble wedding draws near, TrueGod binds these people, and they draw closer to solving a puzzle which, left unsolved, could mean the end of TrueGod’s presence in Alagor and the deaths of all who follow him.  For it seems TrueGod and Longsuffering God battle over Alagor, and only one god and his followers will survive this war.  Christian fantasy, always with a satisfying dose of romance.   Readable in any order, so grab one and start a new journey today.

Secrets within secrets...

When two new stable boys show up at Hawthorn Castle, everyone knows they aren't who they say, but laundry mistress Valerie has no idea their secrets will change her entire life.  The deity TrueGod, though, has planned this crossing of paths for many years, and before all is revealed, Valerie and her friend Harmony will lose the lives they always knew, travel dangerous paths, and try to make a new home in a world filled with danger.


For Faraday and Alex, the plan is simply to protect Valerie and secrets she doesn't know about herself.  Instead, they tip their hands and end up dragging the girls into danger to escape an old enemy.  But even they don't know the depths of the secrets surrounding them, and TrueGod plans to use those secrets to change not only the lives of stable boys and house maids, but the fates of several entire kingdoms.  


Filled with romance and adventure, this installment of the Tales of Balia series takes readers to yet another corner of the lush land of Balia as TrueGod changes lives and heals hearts as he brings lost people home.  Christian fantasy.  Readable in any order, so grab a tale of Balia and start a new journey today.

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How far will Nikko go to protect the people that killed his family?

Taken from his home in his youth, Nikolai is now a guard protecting the royal mistresses in the Most Glorious Land of Long.  When invaders from his homeland kidnap the girls—and everyone else in the summer palace—he begins a journey to get help for those missing and find the truth behind the invasion.


He manages to rescue two of his charges, and with the help of a woman from his past who despises him, he works to restore the girls to safety and aid those missing, but secrets from his past, as well as secrets within the House of Long itself, threaten the entire Glorious Land.  Can one tired, broken guard, even with TrueGod at his side, restore the kidnapped souls?  And where does his allegiance truly lie?  Nikolai must answer these questions and more as he takes a trip into a painful past and faces people and places he thought gone from his life forever.


Take another journey to the Land of Balia in this installment of the Tales of Balia, Christian fantasy and romance. Readable in any order, Tales of Balia trek into a world filled with lush landscape and rich cultures, where a benevolent deity changes lives and hearts to bring his people home.

A dangerous journey home...

Meandering around a volcanic ridge, through jungle lowlands, and over salt flats, Dusk Lane is a route only the most desperate travelers find, and without strong guides nobody can survive the path through the beautiful and dangerous interior of Chimelu. 


Rika is one such guide, but this group of travelers might prove to be more than he can handle, for each has suffered great loss.  Young Aaden has lost his music; beautiful Lunette has lost her voice; bold Annora has lost her future; and all three hope something on the path can restore them.  Rika finds he has lost his detachment, and as he sinks more deeply into the lives of his travelers, he realizes this trek down the Lane may change his entire life.  Of course, they’re traveling in the rainy season when the path is most dangerous, so there’s a good chance they won’t survive to change at all.


Take another trek into the world of Balia in this installment of the Tales of Balia, the fantasy series about a rich land not so different from our own and the god who wanders it looking to save lost people and bring them home.  Christian fantasy, always with a satisfying dose of romance.  Readable in any order, so grab a tale of Balia and enter a new world today.

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She found him in a hidden world of silence and beauty...

Traveling across Balia to speak of TrueGod, Laurelin is shipwrecked on an island in the empty restricted zone and rescued by an unusual and deformed man named Yaron who speaks to the birds and lives alone.   Soon, though, she realizes he isn’t here alone.  An entire village thrives on the island, and Yaron fears this village for reasons Laurelin can’t understand.


Yaron has dreamed of leaving the island and finding a home where he could belong, where he needn’t live in fear and silence, and he wonders if Laurelin hasn’t brought him escape.  However, he can’t communicate with her, and he fears even in her world, his deformed body and bizarre mind will never find peace and community.


Together, they discover true communication as well as love and acceptance.  But they also discover the secrets behind this island village, ancient secrets that the village leaders will kill to hide.  Not only does the pair face danger from the village, but danger comes from the lands beyond the island, as well, and Laurelin and Yaron may be the only ones with the ability to save this village that wants them dead.

Two worlds, two hearts, one hope

One fateful day changes everything for Christianna Habersham, daughter of a wealthy jewelry guilder.  After an attack leaves her unconscious and injured at the side of the road, an exiled gypsy man finds and cares for her, then leaves her in her provincial Boreal town on his quest to find his place in the world.


TrueGod, though, sees fit to put the pair together, for the knight has left Christi with child, and nobody else will have her, so she and the gypsy who found her are wed with no real knowledge of one another or the worlds in which each was raised.  Christi fights to tame the wandering gypsy, and Marcus fights to learn about the heart of a woman, and it becomes all too easy to drift apart for the sake of peace.


Eventually, they must learn to put each other and their love for TrueGod above all else, or they will lose something they love and themselves in the process. Take another trek into the rich world of Balia in this installment of the Tales of Balia, the Christian fantasy series.  Readable in any order, grab a Balia book and enter a new world today.

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Sometimes even heroes need a rescue

In the city of Balivor, orphans work in the dangerous new factories, facing danger and death daily. One young man, an orphan himself known only as the wryneck, sacrifices everything to rescue them. Then he disappears, and hope among the orphans disappears with him.


Two friends, orphans themselves who had escaped Balivor, return as adults to change the laws and protect the orphans. Galen and Zoe hear stories of the selfless wryneck, and they use his stories to try to change the hearts of the city. When they stumble upon the fate of the wryneck, and they begin an epic journey to rescue the young man who had saved them all.


Venturing deep into the myths of the nearby sea, including run-ins with sea monsters and ancient cat people as well as the depths of the wryneck’s broken spirit, the two friends follow TrueGod’s leading into strange and dangerous places to stage a rescue and determine a way to save an entire city of orphans.


The Wryneck is a Tale of Balia, a world not unlike our own with a deity who will stop at nothing to bring his people home, one story at a time. Historic fantasy with a Christian worldview.

Some call the story of Vion and Dianna a myth...

"Vion, right now, if a man showed an interest in me, and the price for that interest was an intimate encounter, I would give it to him.  That frightens me.  I need to go away and think about things for a time.”  With those words Vion's wife Dianna takes his children and leaves, beginning a journey that will lead both husband and wife across a continent where all the mysteries of the seas bow to TrueGod as he pursues the unknowing pair.

For Vion, the journey includes sea monsters, worshipers of strange gods, and a trip into his past as TrueGod softens his heart, sealed and hardened by a mother who disappointed him and fathers who wounded him. Dianna's journey includes a strange man who shows her waterfalls, mountains, and seas, reawakening dreams she'd long buried and promising a love she always hoped to experience.

Along the way they learn of a man Christus, and both know he is the key to everything they desire, so they listen to his lessons and wait, hoping to become what the god wants them to be and praying their paths will one day lead them home. Christian historic fantasy, Christian romance

They call him demon spawn, yet he will save them all...

For generations two peoples have fought over the mountains of Thanador.  The native Tarra'ans hate the recent arrivals, the Contolte, and eventually that hatred turns to war.  Yaotl and Jensen, though, are a Tarra'an and a Contolte who live as brothers.  Yearning to stay together, they find no safe place where both can be welcomed. 


Born across the great water, Nadia is a missioner from a clinic who is able to walk outside the battle.  When her path crosses that of the two men, one of them is injured, and they decide to escape down the burning, warring mountain together.  She leads them to a Tarra'an village that claims to love TrueGod and promises to protect both the men, but some hatred takes time to fade, and before long staying in  the village is almost as dangerous to the trio as  setting off alone.


But they also find allies and friends, even forbidden romance, and when the evil  of the war threatens to destroy the whole mountain, love and friendship may be the only things to save any of  them, Tarra'an and Contolte alike.

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The Sekou Saga

A tale of Balia in four parts. 

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Galleo wanted rest. Instead, the god sent him teenagers.

Galleo is an ancient, mystical warrior of the god who doesn’t age and can’t seem to die, and he’s tired. When a bishop’s vision sends him on yet another mission, and he finds himself guardian to an unlikely group of children and teens searching for a missing princess: an innocent farm girl, an arrogant young prince, a worldly merchant’s son who hides great secrets, a toddler with an unknown past, a broken guard, and a strange-looking boy raised in a cage as a circus freak.


Galleo is too tired to deal with children, but the god is clearly working as the young people lead him on the most difficult, emotional mission of his life, because their dramas and fears and determination make him care, and he hasn’t cared about anyone in a very long time. Unfortunately, with caring comes pain, and he doesn’t know how he’ll survive if he loses these children to the danger of the rescue of the prince’s sister.


So begins an epic journey into dark continents, across the great seas, and over dangerous mountains as Galleo and the children discover their true mission might have nothing to do with a missing princess. Instead, the journey is all about finding homes for the lost young people and rescues for anyone they come in contact with, for it seems the god has grand, amazing plans for these teens. Galleo only hopes that somewhere along the line the god chooses to grant him death and peace, the things he has craved for lifetimes.


Some say the mountain is haunted...

Having betrayed his friends to save his family, Dane the guard is now called on to right his wrongs, and he finds himself leading his friends back to his home, a dangerous mountain filled with enemies. His friends no longer trust him, and he deserves that. What he doesn’t deserve is their forgiveness and concern, and he is determined to keep them safe and be worthy of their misplaced trust.


Galleo, the ancient warrior sent to protect them, forces Dane into leadership, and they climb the mountain and encounter, for the first time in the man’s memory, hints of his origins. They also encounter nature at its worst and evil men, and one of Galleo’s charges is gravely wounded.


Friendship, trust, and faith have to come together to get the children and their guardian off the mountain and back to the task of finding safe homes for all of them. Along the way they rescue souls and discover their own strengths, for each has a role to play in this drama of the god. Unfortunately, an old enemy follows, so the journey home isn’t as easy as they hope.

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This time, the warrior needs the rescue...

With their leader missing, the group looks to Gem to head the search to find him. Embarrassed by his upbringing and trying to avoid his destiny, Gem fights them, but eventually he leads his closest friends across the continent to find a beloved warrior of the god. However, Gem’s lies to his friends haunt, and restoring their trust and faith in him is harder than he expected. His craving for friendships and connections seems to crumble with every step they take.


Disguised as a gypsy troupe, the group touches villagers with music and dance, draws the attention of evil cults, and finds itself sailing into the great sea to find clues to some of their pasts. With two new members, they have more experience to draw from as well as more conflict to deal with. Again they face danger and learn things about themselves they don’t want to know. Gem himself fights new-found visions, which speak of danger and death in the futures of his friends.


As the journey leads them into the waters, the group continues to fight their way home, even though they have no idea what will constitute home for this group of misfit, broken, exhausted teens and adults.

It ends here, whatever the cost.

When a storm spreads the group across the shores of the great sea, they begin the long journey back to one another. Each finds clues along the way that speak of the true origins and purpose of Galleo, their ancient friend, as well as one final mission deadlier than all the rest put together.


Racing time, facing loss, and fighting enemies, the teens use visions, mystical gifts, wisdom beyond their years, and memories of things lost to make their way to one another and then to an inland mountain where thousands of lives hang in the balance. Much to everyone’s surprise, Casimir, the arrogant boy prince, suddenly becomes a force of his own, leading where nobody else wishes to lead and breaking hearts when he sacrifices everything for those he loves.


It seems the god has asked more of the group than they can possibly give, and they have little hope for success. However, each hopes that any who survive this final battle will finally have the blessing of finding home. The Tales of Balia: Stories of a world not unlike ours and the deity who will stop at nothing to get his children home. Historic fantasy with a Christian worldview.


Casimir’s Silence is the final installment of the Sekou Saga, a Tale of Balia in Four Parts. The series includes Chessa’s Rescue, Dane’s Mountain, Gem’s Gypsies, and Casimir’s Silence. The Tales of Balia: Stories of a world not unlike ours and the deity who will stop at nothing to get his children home. Historic fantasy with a Christian worldview.

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