Red-haired girl behind tree
angry man in hoodie
baseball and mitt
young man hugging young woman
young man looks lonely
hands playing piano

Fat Caterpillars

When Terry moved, he wanted a puppy. Instead he got an old man, a garden, and a love story that would touch generations.

The Lion and the Ladybug

Leo thought a fairy garden sounded silly, and then it saved his life.

Follow the Firefly

Finn isn't broken...

Praying Home the Mantis

They lived for the magic of summer, until one disastrous winter brought them down.

The No-See-Um of Dragonfly Creek

Sometimes Colt gets lost in the chaos.

The Seventeen-Year Cicada

Sometimes Neville forgets to close his eyes.

Rolling with the Dung Beetle

Every time he thought life couldn't get worse, it did.

smiling old man
school bus
girl piggyback with boy
couple outdoors laughing and eating
Pensive young man
Pensive girl in snow
Girl and boy riding bike
Thoughtful man overlooking water
girl looking at camera
Forest Hammock
young woman cooking
Holding a Paintbrush
gardening supplies
friends at sunset

Terry's Garden

An old man next door. A fiery red-headed girl down the street. And six--six!--little sisters. Throw in a birth injury that makes most people pull away--including his own mother--and Terry has a few issues to overcome.

Or, perhaps the pieces are all in place for a boy to grow into an amazing man who will make a difference in a lot of lives along the way. Terry's Garden--books about a love story that touches generations and a garden that heals broken hearts.