Sometimes Colt gets lost in the chaos.

Colt: Fiona lost her dad to cancer. I didn’t know her well, but I felt this urge to help. Turned out her family owns a nearby B&B, and her dad’s dream had been to fix it up. Fiona and I decided we could do it. She needs to see her dad’s dream happen. I need to get out of my life. Mom has a new husband, and he’s cool, but sometimes they forget me. He has another son, and they’re about to have a new baby, and I know how this story ends. The old son gets lost in the mess. Fortunately, Fiona is great. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than spend time outside with her fixing their huge property.

Fiona: Colt saved my life. When I was sinking in sadness, he showed up and offered to help me make my dad’s dream happen. He’s fun and easygoing, and at the farm I see a side of him nobody at school gets to see. He’s my best friend in the whole world.

Then tragedy hit Colt’s family. I understand that, since I had one in mine, but Colt keeps things to himself. He let me be selfish. He let his family get away with it, too. While all of us floundered, he held on and kept us afloat. We never noticed he was slowly going down. We didn’t realize just what a blessing Colt was in our lives until we risked losing him…

The No-See-Um is book five of the Terry’s Garden series, stories about a huge family, an enchanting garden, and a love story that touches generations. Christian coming-of-age/romance novels for teens and anyone who remembers what it’s like to take those first wobbling steps into adulthood.

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