Sometimes Neville forgets to close his eyes.

Even in elementary school, Neville was an artistic prodigy. Nobody understood him. He vibrated with life and energy, and he saw the world in colors and lines. His fingers never stopped moving, either drawing or going through the motions of drawing. Not everyone could handle his way of processing the world, but I did. Even young, I saw him, and he was my best friend.

Unfortunately, my parents are strict. Like crazy strict. When they realized my best friend was a boy, they changed churches and schools just to keep me away. I missed him, and I secretly kept every drawing he'd ever made for me. Nobody meets two Nevilles in her life, so I cherished memories of mine.

God put a wrench in my parents’ plans, and I had to go back to public school in high school. And yes, he was still there. Calmer now, at least on the outside. Darker, wounded by a world that couldn’t understand him. He still remembered me and wanted me around. Except… If we’re going to stay friends, we have to hide the fact. That won’t be so hard, right? Surely Neville will be on board with that. I mean, what about lying to all our friends and families could possibly go wrong?

Terry’s Garden, stories about a huge family, an enchanting garden, and a love story that touches generations. Christian coming-of-age/romance novels for teens and anyone who remembers what it’s like to take those first wobbling steps into adulthood.

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