School's back in session, and it may be a year to remember...

If you read Yucatan Cowboy, you remember Tom Van der Haas, Matt's sometimes-intense new friend.  School is now back in session, and Tom faces his first semester since his fiancee left him.  With Matt and his cousin Eric as roommates, he's facing some big changes.  Some of them he handles well, and others, not so much.


As the semester progresses, Tom must deal with a youth group lock-in, Matt's parents' divorce, arguments with his very different roommates, a quick mission trip, and finally a kidnapping.  He refuses to believe he's a natural leader, but if he doesn't flex those muscles, he and his friends could lose everything.


Measuring Up is book four of the Boys of Summer series, dramas for teens and the young at heart.

Also available in Boys of Summer Bundle One.