He just wants to breathe again...

After losing his mom to cancer, Kincade McClanahan plans a trip across the country where he can breathe the air, see the sights, and forget his pain. A friend gives him a few destinations to begin his journey, sending him to friends and family in the hope someone can help Kincade see that he needs to rest and grieve his loss.


Along the way he realizes he’s not ready to be part of anyone’s story yet, and he longs to travel anonymously, sinking no roots and letting himself feel nothing, but the stories he encounters suck him in—witnessing a proposal, looking for a lost child, and accepting care from another mother—and he has no idea how he’s going to find his way in the world with his heart so fragile and isolated.


At one of his stops he meets Priscilla, a girl who plans her life to the smallest degree and thinks Kincade’s plan to go walkabout is crazy. They rub each other the wrong way from the first time they meet, and yet God seems to shove them together again and again, because Priscilla is doubting her plan, and Kincade’s desire to find a new life fascinates her.


It isn’t until Priscilla goes walkabout herself that the pair starts to grow together, and God will use each of them to push the other further along in the journey of maturing, losing, and finding new life again.  Check out book one of the Casa Flanigan series, new adult Christian romance.