In a perfect world, Kee would only talk to horses...

Cherokee Jones is no fan of Matt Tucker, who showed up at the ranch where he works and seems intent on taking over.  But maybe that isn't his real problem with Matt; maybe Matt just reminds him of something, the reason Kee is out here living in isolation in the first place.


Between Matt's over-the-top charm and his tendency to kidnap Kee whenever he feels like it, the boss's daughter who's nursing a crush on him, and Cassie, the city girl who keeps sharing all her problems with him, Kee is finding God might not want him to work so hard to be isolated after all.  But Kee plans to do his best to keep all of them as far away as possible.


Waylaid is book eight in the Boys of Summer series, romance and drama for teens or the young at heart.

Also available in Boys of Summer Bundle Two.