Sometimes even heroes need a rescue

In the city of Balivor, orphans work in the dangerous new factories, facing danger and death daily. One young man, an orphan himself known only as the wryneck, sacrifices everything to rescue them. Then he disappears, and hope among the orphans disappears with him.


Two friends, orphans themselves who had escaped Balivor, return as adults to change the laws and protect the orphans. Galen and Zoe hear stories of the selfless wryneck, and they use his stories to try to change the hearts of the city. When they stumble upon the fate of the wryneck, and they begin an epic journey to rescue the young man who had saved them all.


Venturing deep into the myths of the nearby sea, including run-ins with sea monsters and ancient cat people as well as the depths of the wryneck’s broken spirit, the two friends follow TrueGod’s leading into strange and dangerous places to stage a rescue and determine a way to save an entire city of orphans.


The Wryneck is a Tale of Balia, a world not unlike our own with a deity who will stop at nothing to bring his people home, one story at a time. Historic fantasy with a Christian worldview.