She found him in a hidden world of silence and beauty...

Traveling across Balia to speak of TrueGod, Lauralin is shipwrecked on an island in the empty restricted zone and rescued by an unusual and deformed man named Yaron who speaks to the birds and lives alone.   Soon, though, she realizes he isn’t here alone.  An entire village thrives on the island, and Yaron fears this village for reasons Laurelin can’t understand.


Yaron has dreamed of leaving the island and finding a home where he could belong, where he needn’t live in fear and silence, and he wonders if Laurelin hasn’t brought him escape.  However, he can’t communicate with her, and he fears even in her world, his deformed body and bizarre mind will never find peace and community.


Together, they discover true communication as well as love and acceptance.  But they also discover the secrets behind this island village, ancient secrets that the village leaders will kill to hide.  Not only does the pair face danger from the village, but danger comes from the lands beyond the island, as well, and Laurelin and Yaron may be the only ones with the ability to save this village that wants them dead.


Readable in any order, the Tales of Balia tell the story of a world whose deity pursues his people, bringing them love, healing, and purpose as he brings them home.  Christian fantasy/Christian romance